Cake Smash Sessions

As a photographer who offers cake smash photography, I have done a lot of research over the years into what works and what doesn’t for this milestone session.  Your little one is turning One and these sessions are filled with lots of emotions from the little ones, as they take their first taste; one which is definitely worth celebrating!

Cake smash sessions are short, roughly 20 to a maximum of 30 minutes. That doesn’t include setup and breakdown, but the reason I have a 30 minute cut off is that a one-year-old barely has an attention span of 30 minutes. So why mislead anyone!

These sessions take place on location right around your baby’s first birthday.  I’ve had some babies who have their session on their actual birthday!  There’s a short portrait segment and then the actual cake eating and smashing.  I’m also now offering a bubble bath add-on for some Splashing Fun! In Florida, it works out perfectly to do this kind of session outside, especially at the beach for cleaning your little one off after they get messy. Contact me today to start planning!